Laboratory of Wearable Materials for Healthcare

The laboratory focuses on unearthing scientific principles and providing solutions to key problems in Healthcare of Wearable Materials in four major areas:

  • Traditional Chinese medical therapies and their materials.
  • Energy materials and healthcare.
  • Personal protective equipment against infectious diseases.
  • Spider silks and their relatives as biomaterials.
  • Recent News

    Prof. Jinlian HU was elected the NAI Fellow 2022

    Prof. Jinlian HU was elected for her highly innovative work in advancing shape-memory polymers and textiles.

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    Ultrafast-response/recovery Flexible Piezoresistive Sensors

    The new double helix yarn piezoresistive sensor can measure the pulse and hope to be used in the healthcare market in the future

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    Scalable Spider-Silk-Like Supertough Fibers

    Spider silks are strong, soft, light, and very stretchable and thus have an ...

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