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    Shapeshifting Jackets: Is It Real?

    It is simply a gimmick, a promotional tool. It has no practical usage. First, the area to be covered of a garment is very small, like an envelope size. it can only be attached to some areas. 2nd, I do not think it can really hold static air because the the spacing is too big, which is a good air tunnel for flow, rather than an insulator needing static air. The density of a structure has to be high enough (>50kg/m3) for holding static air. Third, we can not see the structural change when the man walking from outside to indoor. Finally, this can not be scaled up because handloom is too slow. I do not believe this is an important element to make the athletes comfortable with Ralph Lauren's garments. However, thermally adaptive textiles can be made with more practical technologies

    Comments by Prof. Hu

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